Tips about Cannabis Clubs

Tips About Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

If you follow these 13 tips about cannabis clubs in Barcelona, you’ll find the best weed in no time.

Don’t talk to street promoters – Promoters work for illegal cannabis clubs. If police catches you coming out from a any of these clubs, you could get in serious trouble.


Avoid fake cannabis clubs – Real clubs invite you directly to the clubhouse, fake clubs use intermediaries that meet you somewhere on the street. Many tourist end up in hospital every year because of smoking fake weed sold by these clubs.

Real cannabis clubs are well known and there is plenty of information about them on the Internet. So, avoid anything else to be safe.

You must become a member to enter the club – Cannabis clubs are not stores opened to the public. Anyone wishing to get weed must request an invitation and pay the annual membership fee: €20 – €50.


No guest policy allowed – If you are coming with someone else, they must also request an invitation, complete full membership registration and pay the membership fee.

Make sure your invitation is no older than 3 days old. Cannabis clubs may cancel new membership applications with short notice.

Request Invitation

Show the invitation at the reception desk – The cannabis club will send you an invitation with the name of the person in charge of your registration. Ask for that person when you get to the reception desk.


Everything you need to know is on the invitation – Wait till you meet them face to face at the cannabis club to ask any further questions. Don’t ask questions about the dispensary.

It’s illegal for cannabis clubs to disclose information about their menu to the public. It’s considered promotion, which is illegal.

Foreigners can join cannabis clubs – You need a Spanish address to complete the registration process. It doesn’t matter what address you give, any address is fine.


Bring a government issued ID – You need to have an ID with you at all times: passport, driver’s license or any ID from your country. Cannabis clubs don’t accept student IDs.

Once you complete the membership registration, take a picture of your ID and use it from your phone so you don’t risk losing it.

Maximum allowance: 100 grams per month – Members of cannabis clubs can get up to 50 grams of weed and 50 grams of resin per month.


Don’t behave like a tourist – Be discreet, respectful and quiet at all times. Don’t move in groups larger than 5 people and don’t take any luggage to the club.

Any misbehavior could mean the cancellation of your membership and permanent expulsion from the club.

Don’t leave anyone waiting outside the club – Police may think you are getting weed for someone else. If you are caught exchanging money and/or weed, you may be charged with drug trafficking and prosecuted as a criminal offender.


Don’t use financial words in connection with cannabis – Incorrect: “buy weed” or “purchase weed”. Correct: “get weed” or “acquire weed”.

The price of marijuana ranges between €8 – €25 per gram and they are presented in bags of €10 – €20 and €50.

Possession of cannabis on the street is illegal and penalized with a heavy fine. You can take weed outside the club, everyone does it, but cannabis clubs are obliged to advise you against this. Everyone does it, and they take it out in their underwear at their own risk.

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