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Cannabis Club Menu


First, let’s establish a measuring parameter to take into account. We have not included marijuana dispensaries that:

  • Are more than 1000 meters from Plaza Catalunya
  • Offer less than 7 different genetics on their menu
  • Don’t offer sativas nor resins like isolator and BHO
  • Don’t have a quality level for medical standards


For the benefit of the cannabis community in Barcelona, we can only hope to be as accurate and updated as possible. We value your input so we encourage you to participate and contact us by referring to the Submit Tip.

*Note: We’ve only considered the parameters related to the marijuana dispensary and ignored all the other qualities you may value in a club.

Club NameQualityVarietyRotationFormatPriceMenuTimingToysServicesTOTAL
Girls Cannabis Club 21+91091010101091087
Marijuana Club 21+55868755984
Marijuana Barcelona1010101089108883
Beach Cannabis Club1010101010888883
G13 Cannabis Club910108101098882
Shisha Barcelona101098101088881
Weed Park Cannabis Club101098101088780
Barcelona Coffeeshop1010998799879
Marihuana Shop1010899979879
Weedbud Cannabis Club1010988898778
Barcelona Cannabis Club 21+910988899878
Hash Oil Cannabis Club108889798876
Cool High Cannabis Club108888798975
Marina Cannabis Club 21+108889878975
Barcelona Weed Club 21+99787988873
Weed Vice Cannabis Club97678888970
Weed Hush Cannabis Club78787876866
Dragon Cannabis Club

Marijuana Barcelona Measurements Parameters

Elements like care, look, smell, taste, bouquet, buzz, potency and comedown effect.

Top: a marijuana dispensary that offers 7 or more different strains split evenly into sativas, hybrids and indicas.

Top: cannabis clubs that rotates their menu within an average of 4 weeks. If the club chooses to keep 1/3 of the menu unchanged due to the popularity of some specific strain, then it’s appreciated.

Top: marijuana dispensary that offers at least half of the menu in pre-rolled joints and bags of €10 and €20.

Top: marijuana that is 15% cheaper and only 5% worse.

Low: marijuana that is 15% more expensive and only 5% better.

Cannabis market in Barcelona is well known for being saturated with indicas which accounts for roughly 75% of the total marijuana offered by cannabis clubs, half of which is Critical Mass or similar. Here, it’s measured not only the quality of the strains but also how popular, exotic and genuine the menu is.

Waiting time of the dispensary from the moment of the check-in to the moment of getting serve. Top: waiting time of less than 10 min. Low: 45 minutes or more.

The variety and quality of the smoking and vaporizing tools offered by the club to be able to consume marijuana.

The quality of service using predetermined criteria to measure objective and subjective aspects of the whole experience. Customer’s satisfaction of a marijuana dispensary is determined by factors such as: tangibles, knowledge, experience, conformity and empathy with the members.